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To prove that Bartenders411 takes privacy responsibly, we have created this privacy policy. The following puts forward the information collection and circulation for Bartenders411 website.

When you accept our user agreement and use our site, you also accept this Privacy Policy. However, if you don’t accept the Privacy Policy, don’t use the Bartenders411 website. “We”, “Us”, “Our” terms represent Bartenders411.


  1. Your information is collected when you register with Bartenders411 and when you visit pages on our website.
  2. The following personal information may be collected by us to provide ease and use of the site to you, or for any other motive explained in this Privacy Policy:
    • Your name, contact information like phone number, email address, mobile number and address.
    • Your personal information that you share via other social networks, websites or services, chats etc.
    • Additional information such as device ID, location, device type, computer information, connection information, geo-location information, and page views statistics, IP address, Ad data and the web log information.
  3. Bartenders411 collects general aggregate information to improve website information.
  4. We collect non-personal information when you use Bartenders411. Third party service providers like Google Analytics and partners accept and save nonpersonal information from server logs, cookies, and IP address, from your mobile device or browser.
  5. Bartenders411 may merge personal and non-personal information that we collect. If we do so, the merged information will be treated as your Personal Information and it may be used to recognize and situate you.


  1. When you use our site, we may request specific information. We don’t share any of your personal information with any person or entity outside of what is specified in this policy. Your personal information is not available to any third party except location or geo-location. We enhance the user experience of our website by using the information we collect.
  2. We send you email communication for the purpose of verification of your account. If you want to stop these important emails, termination of your account is the option. Newsletters, emails when someone tries to communicate with you may also be sent to you. If you’d rather not receive these, you can unsubscribe anytime to get your contact information removed from our database.
  3. We can send you SMS communication to verify your phone number for operations, such as sending you notifications. You can choose to stop receiving SMS messages from Bartenders411 anytime.
  4. We never sell or rent or even share your personal information with any non-affiliated companies or people for marketing until you permit.


  1. Cookies are components of information that is assigned by a web server that uniquely identifies your PC’s browser. “Persistent cookies” are used by Bartenders411, which facilitates for the site to remember you on your following visits. It speeds up and thus, enhances your experience. It can store information about your navigational pattern on the sites. You can opt out and disable cookies at any time via your browser.
  2. In case you use your login credentials from a social networking site like Facebook to access us, or if you connect your Bartenders411 account with another social networking account, your personal information will be received about you from such site, according to the privacy policy or terms of use of the social networking site. Like, Facebook shares information like your birthday, friend’s list etc. with us. To successfully set up your account and find potential site users that you know, we use this information. We use OAuth protocol (open authorization) to enable collection of this information without using your password.


  1. We reveal personal information to answer to enforce policies, legal requirements, to answer to claims of content violation of other’s rights, or to protect anyone’s safety and rights. Only according to the laws and regulations will this information be disclosed. However, it will not be disclosed to any third parties for marketing purposes.
  2. Your personal information might be disclosed to our related bodies situated in other countries. Like third party suppliers, corporate suppliers and service providers. Steps are taken to make sure that the parties in receipt of your information don’t breach the privacy obligations.
  3. Your personal information may be shared in event of a business transition, that is, at the transfer/sale of Bartenders411 and/or part of its assets, personal information might be what is transferred or sold.


You can easily access and update your information through account profile settings. In case the personal information we have about you is inaccurate or incomplete or incorrect, you can request us to amend it.

Also, you can request us to access any personal information we have about you by contacting us at any time. We will provide you means to access the information. We may not allow you access to your personal information in some instances. If allowing you access interferes with the privacy of others, it will be a confidentiality breach. We will provide you a proper reason of refusal.


We may revise, edit and change this privacy policy regularly. Any modifications will be published on the website. Please look out for any changes in this page time to time. This privacy policy was last updated on October 27, 2016.


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