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Bartenders411 is the first and the only social network for professionals and business owners working in the hospitality industry. Hospitality and management are easier with the services that we offer. The quality services that hospitality business owners and professionals all over the world can expect from us are:

  • We provide Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Clubs, Hotels, Casinos, Vendors, Distributors, Restaurant/Bar Supply Companies and other related services a database of talented professionals for staffing purposes.
  • We provide new or current Bartenders, Servers, Waitresses, Host, Hostess, Bar-back, Managers, Security, DJs, and Promoters with an opportunity to get a job by maintaining their profile with their skills, expertise, and experience.
  • We provide Fans and Followers with the opportunity to stay updated with the latest news and updates of their favorite hospitality professionals.
  • We enable professionals to create an account on our portal. You can write about yourself, your skills, and you can upload your profile picture that everybody can see.
  • We facilitate the creation of groups, forums and blogs on Bartenders411 for the professions and business owners to build and strengthen their network inside the industry.
  • We don’t charge either hospitality professionals or business owners to be a part of Bartenders411.
  • We have created a website which is responsive, lightning fast and beautifully organized.
  • We facilitate and promote communication on our platform. Professionals can communicate with other professionals or businesses and vice versa.
  • We facilitate receiving latest updates from the hospitality industry for the knowledge of newbie candidates and fans.
  • We facilitate uploading and sharing photos, videos or other media through our portal.
  • We are easily accessible on any internet enabled device at any place or time.
  • We keep your upload media safe and never use any of your information.
  • We facilitate increasing employability of the candidates by learning skills from other professionals or working on improving skills on the advice of industry’s leading business owners.
  • We promote positive communication and thus also have the functionality to block offensive or fake profiles.

As a hospitality social network and a hospitality professional, its our love and passion so we take our hospitality business very seriously. Therefore, we never let our guests face any difficulty. We keep guests and services above everything. We don’t give them a chance to complain but in case they face a problem, they can write to us immediately and we are sure we can solve it. We are here to serve the hospitality professionals, hospitality business owners and Fans and followers. We always maintain that the standard of our services remains unquestionable.

One of our services includes opening our entire database for the convenience of business owners and professionals. Looking to hire? Looking for a job? Looking to find your favorite bartender or waitress? You can search for the professional type or business type along with the Country. If you want to demographically filter the results any further, you can select  filter by “State” and “City” too. This feature can even help the general public looking for bars, lounges, etc. in a specific country at a particular location.

You can help us by sparing two minutes from your busy schedule to write us feedback. It can have what you like and you don’t on Bartenders411. You can also send suggestions and if you would like any more services!


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