Basic Elements of Mobile Website Design

Everyone’s got a mobile device now; whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad, everyone is viewing the web and conducting financial transactions and purchases while they’re on the go. If you’ve got a website that can only be viewed easily from a PC, laptop or large touch-screen device, you’re losing out on a massive audience. Simply said, you need to have a dedicated mobile website along with a regular website so your customers can access your site while they’re out and about, or you need to have a website that is mobile-friendly.

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Now that the reason for a mobile website has been established, it’s time to point out some of the basic elements of mobile website design.The first thing your mobile site should have is a snappy loading time; remember that mobile networks, although faster than in the past, are still slower than PC connections. If your mobile site takes a long time to load, a visitor will just go to a competitor’s page. Skip fancy animation and stick to basics when it comes to graphics to make things work quickly.

The second element of mobile website design is to keep the entire look simple. As with the point above, not only will flashy graphics and video take a long time to load, it won’t be as pleasant or impressive to watch on a small screen.Therefore, you want your mobile site to get down to business immediately; if you want to be creative and have lots of fancy details, do so with your website dedicated to larger, non-mobile devices.

The third basic element is the column layout of text: because most mobile devices have quite small screens, a single column layout works best. Multiple columns will be far too small, and magnifying them makes it inconvenient to read.Keeping everything simple and concise works best!


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